Goodbye DST!

Abishek, tech

The title might be slightly misleading but I think anyone can understand my happiness when I heard about the 'Sunshine Protection Act of 2023' in the US. I genuinely think this is the real 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. According to the act, the clocks will NOT be set back in November and will remain permanently on DST. And that brings me joy why? I've earlier worked on an API that enables reservations in TRIRIGA and I have to say that DST, timezones and the offsetting were the most painful and challenging parts. Literally left me sleepless for nights (there's a reason they don't call it night time saving, I guess).

I had a whole 2-page rant posted here about DST before realising it was inappropriate and ended up taking it down.

Anyway, I really hope the whole world does this.

Signed with tears (probably happy ones),