Abishek, tech

what if we could expand TRIRIGA into the retail management market

I've fortunately had the oppurtunity to work with a few functional modules in TRIRIGA. The thing is, TRIRIGA, as a tool, is usually limited to the applications of these functional modules. This might be good from a maintanence POV but this will forever stand as a bottleneck to the scope of TRIRIGA as a whole.

This is what I told myself when this idea came up. The retail market is clearly not explored yet and the existing modules can be extended to work with retail management. For example, spaces can be used for both sales and inventory management. Portfolio details can be used for user/consumer data management. Assets and O&M can also be integrated. Speaking of integrations, there should be a immensely large use case for integrating TRIRIGA to external systems - in cases where the consumer chooses to integrate their own people or asset portfolio, for example.

Next we'd just need a flow for the retail management and more importantly, inventory management. Also, across branches of the franchise if there are more than one.

Some new - Modules, Business objects, State transitions, Fields.

It sounds really exciting. But that's when I saw a sample for the design of a Retail Management System. And then it became 10x more interesting.

I'll be starting with the design for this specifically for TRIRIGA. And then the development for it. A self-checkout flow or an API for the same would be kick-ass. Excited!

I'll keep my updates to this blog for now.